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Dancing Against Hunger (DAH) is a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in State College, PA. DAH aims to relieve food insecurity, while providing accessible dance education and sparking passions for dance for all. Learn more about our work here.

Letter From Our Founder

Prior to my home of seven years in Pennsylvania, I have lived in Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Mississippi, and also have had opportunities to travel across the United States. I experienced cultural shifts throughout the US, especially during time spent moving on the road. Where I moved, my teachers, classmates, and friends were all replaced. But with dance, I felt right at home, no matter where I danced. Now I have decided it is time to give back to the expressive art form that allows my creativity and curiosity flourish wherever I call home. Dancing Against Hunger (DAH) organizes dance workshops so that the youth are able to find their home in midst of change. 


I have traveled to rural China and other regions stricken by poverty. I have witnessed hunger and desperation. Between myself and those who live in poverty, there is only luck; I feel so lucky that I have never gone hungry. My father, coming from 26 generations of fishermen, often faced food insecurity as a child. Today he provides for a family of five. I cannot and would never be able to describe the privilege to my quality of life. I wonder: How is one able to learn, to work, to truly live without food security? My hope is that one day, no child goes hungry. 


My dance journey led me to create DAH, which serves as a platform to build a community and work to feed that community. I founded DAH to create opportunities for the youth by providing accessible dance education and relieving food insecurities. Our community is our home, and we need to combat hunger, starting here in Centre County. 


– Claire Chi,

Founder of Dancing Against Hunger 

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