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Making Waves with Alliance Sports Camp 2022

By: Eva Wilf

In three days alone we were able to gather 2,104 food items.

On the week of the 24th this July, Dancing Against Hunger partnered with the State College Alliance Sports Camp to gather donations for the State College Food Bank and Anti-Hunger Program (hosted by the YMCA). In a competition between four groups of campers, along with a generous donation of 293 items from the State College Chinese Alliance Church, we were able to gather a total of 2,104 food items. That amounted to 1,580 pounds of food, or 1,317 meals!

The theme for the camp this week was "making waves." With the donations given by the campers this week, one of the goals was to teach them how, with combined effort, they can make true change in the world. With the over two thousand donations from three days alone, they certainly made that change.

Post federal funding for school lunches, having a pipeline of food items to students in need is incredibly important. While monetary donations work extremely well, being able to provide direct donations allows the support of specific endeavors. Especially for the campers this week, they will be able to see their help go to other kids their age.

The food items received this week will go to the State College Food Bank, which then distributes food to the Kid Bag Program: this program provides lunches to kids in need during the summer. Any donations which cannot be packed into a lunch will go to the Helping Hands Pantry for the fall, which will make general donations to students during the school year. Some more specific donations will go to the YMCA's Anti-Hunger Program.

If you want to see a day-by-day recounting as well as some answers to questions about Dancing Against Hunger, you can find us on Instagram at @dancingagainsthunger!

Special thanks go to the State College Chinese Alliance Church Youth Group and other volunteers, who volunteered to help sort and pack the donations we received.

In three days alone we were able to gather 2,104 food items. Thank you so much to everyone who donated and made this possible. We look forward to our next event!

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